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A uniquely styled photo session just for you. (and a friend/sister/mum/partner if you like). Any style, several outfit changes. Hair and makeup.

At Eternity , we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our portrait photography personal and unique. We plan the session with you in a style consultation for a look you will love, and capture the unique spark within you.

Sessions on location, or in our Brisbane photo studio.

Step one: Phone or email enquiry. Here we can share ideas on what you might like for your portrait photography and we will make suggestions on styles and locations for you to consider. If our services sound suitable, you can make a booking for the session.

Step two: Plan the session. In phone calls and/or emails, based on what you have told us we will make more thought out suggestions for styles etc. and plan with you what will be involved in the session: eg. times to meet, locations, specifics on clothing, props and preparation of children if involved.

Step three: Photo session, usually fairly close to the plan but we also allow for the spontaneous, which is when the really great portraits are made.

Step four: The viewing. Usually few days after your photo sessions we will book a viewing. Here we will help you with your choices on images and presentation options. The viewing session is the best way to ensure that you get the images and product which is best for you, without buying the wrong product or spending outside your comfort level. No high pressure sales, you are in control. We will help you choose the right size wall portraits and framing, albums and other presentation options. You can be sure that you will get something great at a realistic price. All our work and products are guaranteed so that your investment is safe, and is backed up by our many years of doing business with integrity.

It is important to us that your portrait photography experience is enjoyable at every stage, and that when it is done, you will be very glad that you chose Eternity Photography. Inquire here

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