Category: location portraits

Classic style location portrait

A classic almost traditional style felt appropriate for this portrait session. Though it looks like a studio photo, this session was done on location at the client’s home. I brought a backdrop, (been wanting to use my black/red for a while now), but the light was natural, coming from one window covered with some translucent white satin. The dark close in image was taken by my friend Akira who was helping me on the day as we were setting up, I included it because I like the mysterious feel to it.

Hard Light

As a portrait photographer, I usually seek out soft, but directional light.  The soft light is flattering to humans and the right direction of light shapes and forms the features of face and body.  But my favorite rule of photography is to break the rules of photography.  Sunny summer mornings is when I am looking for some open shade, which I did do in this session, but I could not resist that wall  with the shadows playing on it, so I took a few, and they were my favorites out of the session.