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Classic style family portraits in the studio

Location family portraits has been very popular for a long time, which is great. Often though we will reschedule if the weather is bad, and this is fine with us. It is all part of the job  but this is often a reason why people will opt for studio family portraits. If it is hard making a time to get everyone together you probably don’t want to do that again because of a tropical storm. That is not the only reason to get studio family portraits though. Many people are opting for the studio option for the looks that can be achieved, whether that be a clean contempory look or a more classic or even a traditional look. Styling can be crafted to suit you and even to suit your home where the portraits will be displayed. Your style consultation will help get your ideas going and together we can achieve something unique to your family. Studio and location family portraits are the same price, and I love doing both.