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Classic style family portraits in the studio

Location family portraits has been very popular for a long time, which is great. Often though we will reschedule if the weather is bad, and this is fine with us. It is all part of the job  but this is often a reason why people will opt for studio family portraits. If it is hard making a time to get everyone together you probably don’t want to do that again because of a tropical storm. That is not the only reason to get studio family portraits though. Many people are opting for the studio option for the looks that can be achieved, whether that be a clean contempory look or a more classic or even a traditional look. Styling can be crafted to suit you and even to suit your home where the portraits will be displayed. Your style consultation will help get your ideas going and together we can achieve something unique to your family. Studio and location family portraits are the same price, and I love doing both.

Kids portrait in the studio

Angie’s Mum was considering a Trash the Dress session to celebrate her approaching 25th anniversary, but before we did that, we decided get the little girl wrapped up in it to see how it looks. Now we are thinking this could be a series, we will do it again at 13 and 16. I wish we had done it at 6 months and 4 years now.  Light is from a single halogen flood through a translucent umbrella, some of the photos are straight out of camera, and some have some post processing done to add glow and reduce the colour and add grain for a more vintage sort of look. Which do you prefer, straight out of camera or processed? Tell us on facebook>>

Classic style location portrait

A classic almost traditional style felt appropriate for this portrait session. Though it looks like a studio photo, this session was done on location at the client’s home. I brought a backdrop, (been wanting to use my black/red for a while now), but the light was natural, coming from one window covered with some translucent white satin. The dark close in image was taken by my friend Akira who was helping me on the day as we were setting up, I included it because I like the mysterious feel to it.

Beauty portrait session

We started with a light and fresh look with this beautiful lady, then did some low key as well. I think she looks equally striking either way. Of course I could not resist trying out such lovely skin and fantastic make up (by Christina of Marvel Style) in direct sunlight outside in the last couple of photos.

forties style beauty

In this session we started with a loose brief of “40’s style” just to start the inspiration and then see where it goes from there.

More photos from this session are at: my smugmug

School Formal Beauty

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this delightful young lady for her school formal. Photographed in our studio and on the stairs that lead from the studio down to my house.

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The nineties

Eternity Photography started in the nineties, just wanted to look back at what we were doing then……

These were all taken on film (obviously) and are pretty much a straight scan from the print or negative.  Retouching was not something I did very often back then, it was all done in the camera or on the enlarger.  I like to look back and use some old techniques from time to time (if they suit the subject), and its great fun using some old forgotten esoteric knowledge.

What to put up on your wall

There are a few variables to consider when deciding what to put up on your walls with regards to your portrait photos.

A wall portrait is not just your photo on the wall it is an essential part of the room’s decor, and a focal point.

Firstly lets consider where you will be hanging your portraits.  Will it be a major feature in a living area or will it be in a hallway, alcove or a bedroom?

wall portraits

Perhaps you have limited wall space and would like smaller frames for on your desk or sideboard.

Relative size is important, a tiny frame looks ridiculous on a big bare wall, and a  frame so large that it encroaches a window is not great either. Choose a size that is balanced to the space.

Viewing distance is important. A smaller size like 12×16″ or even 8×12″ (plus frame) is good in a hallway, 12×16 will find a good home on a smaller wall on a bedroom or as part of a series.

Subject matter is important. Rarely do we want to see our own head larger than life in a portrait but there are exceptions. Also if there is a lot of space in the photo, like an environmental portrait, a larger size is desirable so detail can be seen from all normal viewing positions in the room.

To make a feature in a room, a very large portrait has great impact, also a series that goes well together framed the same looks great. Canvas prints are especially suited to this, or for an ultra modern look, an acrylic icemount.

To make things easier we categorize our frame selection into “black”  “modern wood” or “traditional wood” which makes selecting for your home decorating style easier.


Very soft and flat light photo session

For this portrait session I chose to use a very large light source in very close to the sitter.  The closest thing in nature would be an overcast day on the snow. I did this for the effect, which is in some way surreal. I think it is a kind of dreamy, heavenly look.

very soft light studio portrait

soft light

I did this one during the same session. To contrast the soft sweet pretty ethereal nature of the scene I added a (borrowed, fake) brutal weapon. With the protective/defensive pose it says “don’t mess with mamma bear or her cubs” Not so venerable any more.


very soft light portrait

Venerability is Overrated


Hard Light

As a portrait photographer, I usually seek out soft, but directional light.  The soft light is flattering to humans and the right direction of light shapes and forms the features of face and body.  But my favorite rule of photography is to break the rules of photography.  Sunny summer mornings is when I am looking for some open shade, which I did do in this session, but I could not resist that wall  with the shadows playing on it, so I took a few, and they were my favorites out of the session.