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makeover photoshoot and beauty portraits

Your makeover photoshoot is an experience, where you are transformed into the embodiment of your own inner beauty.  Feel like a celebrity as we give you the attention you deserve in your own magazine feature style photo shoot. This is you, natural, honest, simple or high fashion glamour. No matter who you are, you will be amazed at how stunning you look.

Call us for a chat, we always have a style consultation before a session, at our studio if possible, so you can see where the magic happens. Your inspiration, we will help you acheive your style.  Call on 0409260516 or contact us.

Kids portrait in the studio

Angie’s Mum was considering a Trash the Dress session to celebrate her approaching 25th anniversary, but before we did that, we decided get the little girl wrapped up in it to see how it looks. Now we are thinking this could be a series, we will do it again at 13 and 16. I wish we had done it at 6 months and 4 years now.  Light is from a single halogen flood through a translucent umbrella, some of the photos are straight out of camera, and some have some post processing done to add glow and reduce the colour and add grain for a more vintage sort of look. Which do you prefer, straight out of camera or processed? Tell us on facebook>>

Classic style location portrait

A classic almost traditional style felt appropriate for this portrait session. Though it looks like a studio photo, this session was done on location at the client’s home. I brought a backdrop, (been wanting to use my black/red for a while now), but the light was natural, coming from one window covered with some translucent white satin. The dark close in image was taken by my friend Akira who was helping me on the day as we were setting up, I included it because I like the mysterious feel to it.

Beauty portrait session

We started with a light and fresh look with this beautiful lady, then did some low key as well. I think she looks equally striking either way. Of course I could not resist trying out such lovely skin and fantastic make up (by Christina of Marvel Style) in direct sunlight outside in the last couple of photos.