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Bio – about the photographer

“I want you to look at your photos and remember that you are Beautiful, Powerful, Unique…”

From that moment in that dim, red lit, high school darkroom, when that first grainy black and white image appeared on the paper in the developer, I was hooked.  Since then the smell of processing chemicals never left my fingers, though now its more the keyboard and mouse for processing.

In the following years I used photography to reveal the beauty in nature and people. I learned to use light and posing to enhance and flatter any body and face, discovering that being photogenic is in the hands of the photographer. Your ‘photogenic-ness’ is my gift to you.

I can’t wait to show you how amazingly photogenic you are.

In this age of snapshots and selfies, a beautiful professional portrait is even more profound. This is the portrait you are proud to hang on the wall, the one on the cover of the book of your life, and the one your descendants cherish.


Andrew & Rosemary, 1986

I met the love of my life, Rosemary in 1986. She put up with being a model for all my experimentation and college assignments, and just hanging around waiting till I got the shot just right. We married and soon we were photographing weddings and portraits together. In 1996 we established Eternity Photography.

After the arrival of our two amazing active kids, we shifted our attention more to the portraits side of the business. Beauty, Lifestyle and Family portraits as well as headshots.  I love people, and prefer to be doing portraits than any of my hobbies. Humans are the most amazing of all Creation, and telling family’s stories photographically and unleashing the beauty within, is the best job ever!


daggy selfie, 2015

Andrew Howes and Rosemary Howes established Eternity Photography in 1996. Eternity Photography specialises in beauty and family portraits. Photo sessions in studio or on location.

portrait photographer studio EternityThe studio is nestled into the hills of suburban Carina, near the beautiful Seven Hills Bushland, only 15 minutes from the city and 5 minutes from the Gateway Bridge. Fully equipped for all sorts of portrait photography.

Phone Andrew for bookings and enquiries: 0409 260 516.