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What to put up on your wall

There are a few variables to consider when deciding what to put up on your walls with regards to your portrait photos.

A wall portrait is not just your photo on the wall it is an essential part of the room’s decor, and a focal point.

Firstly lets consider where you will be hanging your portraits.  Will it be a major feature in a living area or will it be in a hallway, alcove or a bedroom?

wall portraits

Perhaps you have limited wall space and would like smaller frames for on your desk or sideboard.

Relative size is important, a tiny frame looks ridiculous on a big bare wall, and a  frame so large that it encroaches a window is not great either. Choose a size that is balanced to the space.

Viewing distance is important. A smaller size like 12×16″ or even 8×12″ (plus frame) is good in a hallway, 12×16 will find a good home on a smaller wall on a bedroom or as part of a series.

Subject matter is important. Rarely do we want to see our own head larger than life in a portrait but there are exceptions. Also if there is a lot of space in the photo, like an environmental portrait, a larger size is desirable so detail can be seen from all normal viewing positions in the room.

To make a feature in a room, a very large portrait has great impact, also a series that goes well together framed the same looks great. Canvas prints are especially suited to this, or for an ultra modern look, an acrylic icemount.

To make things easier we categorize our frame selection into “black”  “modern wood” or “traditional wood” which makes selecting for your home decorating style easier.