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What to Expect

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Whether you are looking for a new look for you, or a headshot, publicity or portfolio photo, fun family portraits, kids portraits, new baby photos, you will enjoy the Eternity Photography experience and your fabulous new portrait.

At Eternity , we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our portrait photography personal and unique.

First, choose a suitable day for your portrait session when you don’t need to rush off to be somewhere else, and we will schedule an appointment that suits you.

preconsultation for portrait photographyBefore your session, we will get together for a pre-styling consultation.  This is just an informal conversation where we discuss various options like studio or location, styles, props and themes, as well as any ideas or looks you would like to try. Don’t worry we can give you plenty of ideas also. Its all about you, coming up with ideas with you and for you and planning to bring them to life.



Studio sessions:
201501 157eternity photography studioThe studio is located in Carina, right near the Seven Hills Bushland. As you pass the suburban entrance, you will find yourself in a well equipped, modern photographic studio.  The lighting and sets will be ready, and we will talk briefly about the session and get into the mood for looking fabulous. Hair and make up (if included in your session)  will happen next, and is a great way to ease into your session. Bluetooth or plug your device into our sound system for your own soundtrack, then its lights, camera action.


headshot photo sessionThe photo session is usually close to how we planned it but we encourage spontaneity and just seeing where the session takes us.  Usually we will start with a few easy shots which will help you get comfortable with the camera. Pretty soon you will be feeling relaxed and having a great time looking fantastic.




Cinematic viewing:
Now that the photos are taken, its time to have a look. Our viewing sessions are designed  to help you choose the images you like best, easily and free of any pressure or confusion. Chances are you will like a lot more photos than you had thought you would. This is quite normal, so  we offer great payment plans.


Price Guide: Beauty, Glamour, Makeover, Retro, etc.

Price Guide: Lifestyle, Family, Kids, Babies, etc.


(prices are the same, just packaged differently)